Dental Procedures

If you are facing problems   with your teeth then it is very important to know that what will actually happen to them. There are a number of operations that are carried out in the dental clinic. The Chatswood dentists chooses any of these according to the condition of the visitor. 

  1. Bonding is a kind of treatment or dental procedure that is used to improve the appearance of the teeth. The chipped, decayed, damaged and distant teeth are improved with bonding. As the name indicates it involves the procedure that uses a white colored thick mixture. It matches the color of the real teeth. It is then used to cover the teeth. According to the requirement multiple layers of the resin are added to the teeth to give them a better look or to fill in the gap.
  2. Braces were started some time back. They were simple metallic wires that were used to bring the teeth in their right position. The braces exert pressure on the teeth that pushes them to the right place. Today there is a huge variety of braces available in the market. You can even get the invisible braces.
  3. Bridges and implants replace the teeth that are damaged or have fallen off. A tooth between the two existing teeth if falls it makes the other teeth on the sides loose and helpless. They lose their strength and at times fall down. The bridges are added to support them while the implants are used as an alternative artificial tooth.
  4. Crowns and caps are used for protection. It is just like the cap that we put on the heads. It covers the top of the tooth that is damaged or has undergone procedures like the root canal. Made up of acrylic, porcelain or the metal. The crown is chosen according to the position and condition of the tooth.
  5. Extraction means removal of the damaged tooth. It is the job of the orthodontist who looks at the teeth and then in the light of his diagnosis and findings removes the teeth.
  6. Dentures are used to replace the teeth. After the tooth is extracted to fill the gap the dentures are used that are either partial or full.
  7. Filling is another most common dental procedure followed in the dental clinics. As the cavity develops in the tooth there are chances that you will either feel severe pain or you will have extremely sensitive teeth. To avoid such painful things filling is done.
  8. Oral check up is a must on regular basis. It saves from several problems that might arise in the long run. It gives the picture of how the teeth are doing and what is their condition.
  9. Root canal is the process of catering the infected teeth. Generally the teeth get damaged due to the infected roots. This causes pain in the teeth as the roots are linked with the dental nerves. In root canal treatment Sydney the roots are separated from the nerve so that the teeth remain safe and the infection is prevented from spreading.