Easy Bottle Feeding Tips For Your Baby

We all know what a hassle it is to feed babies at times. At times they may refuse and at other times (especially nights), they just wouldn’t co-op. I personally believe that the best baby formula for newborns to be fed is breast milk, but there are times even during the breast feeding when you have no option but go to work leaving your baby with a sitter. Or even if you want to go out for a while and have a baby-free day, then bottle feeding is pretty important. But how to actually get it done? How to get a good night rest without all the hassles being created? Well, here’s how.

  • First, you need to give the infant time to adjust to a bottle. If you have ever tried breast feeding, then take time until the infant gets comfortable with the breast feeding. As the mother’s nipple ad the bottle’s nipple is suck in 2 ways.
  • If you are a mum and if you are planning on introducing the bottle to the infant yourself, well not a good idea. The infant is used to having you breast feed him/her that once the feeding is changed by you all of a sudden, they tend to feel confused and will create a hassle. So I suggest you find someone else to have the bottle be introduced. But of course, if you do not plan on breast feeding at all, then this tip shall be unnecessary.
  • When it comes to making baby formula, make sure to warm it up to your body temperature so that the baby won’t feel a big difference. And if it is not fed by mum or dad the first few times, then it would be the best if you could keep something that smells like his/ her mum or dad close, while feeding.
  • Make sure to switch arms when you are feeding the infant. This applies for both bottle feeding as well as breast feeding. This will not only help your back but it will support the baby’s neck as well as visionary.
  • When drinking from a bottle, there is a high chance of the infant swallowing a lot of air, therefore it would be the best to make your baby burp half way through the bottle. Try this even when the infant is hassling as well. Make sure to tip the bottle a bit up, so that the milk flows to the nipple of the bottle as the amount of air being sucked in is relatively low.
    Well, that’s about some of the major pointers as to get your infant work its way to the bottle, good luck!