Four Ways In Which You Can Make Use Of Solar Energy To Powerup Your Home

Today, one of the biggest monthly expenses that we are always trying to minimize is the electricity bill, and with each passing day along with the addition of new tech equipment and the increasing complexity of our requirements, this becomes a seemingly impossible task. The best solution to this problem for the intelligent homeowner who is concerned about the environment and their wallet is to make the switch to renewable energy generation forms. Among every natural resource available to us, none is bigger or better than the sun, whose light and heat, when harnessed can be used to powering up almost any household with ease and in this article, we shall discuss about a few ways of doing this.

Solar power systems Since the discovery of the photovoltaic effect or in other words, the ability to generate electricity from sun light by Alexander Becquerel in 1839, things have come a long way and toy we have solar panels that go on the roof of our house to generate enough electricity for all our needs. These panels can also be installed in the garden or any other location of your property that is exposed to plenty of sun light all day long. Generally, 10 or more watts can be generated with just one square foot of panel and based on this proportion, you can determine the exact area of panels you need. The solar inverters Perth WA will then convert this harnessed energy into utility AC power to fulfill your domestic electricity requirements. While the installation and the initial investment can add up to quite a number, in the long-run you will be able to recoup these expenditures in the form of major savings on the electricity bills.

Hot water Another major use of sun’s heat is to heat up water to be used for various requirements at households. The unit consist of a flat plate or a collector which harnesses the heat and conducts it to the reserve tank which will hold a fixed level of water at all times. Once heated, this water will be transferred to the showerheads or the radiators to keep the occupants feeling comfy and cozy. Solar hot water Perth unit installation is much simpler and cheaper compared to that of panels and is a great way to start your move towards greener, renewable forms of power generation.

Solar air conditioning Air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity every day to keep the living space of a house suitable for the occupants, which means it is responsible for a considerably large portion of the monthly electricity bill. Usage of sun’s light and heat to keep your home cool might sound too weird, but this technology has revolutionized air conditioning systems across the world. The hot water generated during the process can be used for various other purposes in the household as we want, which is an added benefit of the technology.