Hate That You Can Never Keep Your Lodgings Tidy? Here\\\’s Some Helpful Tips!

One of the biggest challenges us teens have is that we can never seem to keep our lodge tidy. How much ever we try, the lodge never stays as tidy as we would like it to be! And of course the ‘mom bickering’ is more than enough to constantly remind us of the fact that we need to tidy up our lodging!So, here are some tips that I have learnt through the years.

Have a dump drawer
Yes, you need to have an official dump drawer where you can dump all your clothes. It is better to keep the clothes in an enclosed drawer than to have them strewn all on a chair or on the bed. This will make your lodgings look cleaner than it actually is. Although it is kind of cheating, your lodging will actually look much better than with the dump of clothes. You will however need to fold all the clothes and keep them in their rightful places at least once in three days!

Clean out once in two days, its less work
You can have a set timetable that you use to clean the lodgings at least once in two days. You will need to sweep and empty the trash can onto the kitchen bins. You will need to make sure that the lodgings is swept, because if you leave it not swept for days at a stretch the dust from the ground is only going to get collected onto the fan and the other things in the lodging. So make sure that you clean out as frequently as once in two days in the least.

Make sure you have easy access to a garbage can
One of the main reasons why our entire lodging gets strewn with garbage all over is because there isn’t enough trash cans around the lodging and even if there is one, it is not easily accessible. Since, we want to figure a way to keep the lodgings clean and to make it look beautiful, you can have more than one trash can. And you can have it in places like near the bed or near your work or study table and not just in the corner near the room dividers.

Make your bed as soon as you get up! It makes the lodging look much cleaner
One of the things that I can swear by is, if you make sure the bed is neatly arranged it automatically gives the entire space a much cleaner and tidier look. Make your bed as soon as you get up, it will become habitual. And you will start ensuring the bed is neat and tidy at all times without even actually realizing it yourself! So, start making the bed always, whenever you see a crease upon it. And very soon it will become habitual! And of course the lodging will look much better than before!realsmart-shopping-online