Let Your Face Do The Talking

It is no longer enough to wear the most stylish dress and put on the best pair of heels if your face does not stand out. In fact, it could totally do the opposite to what you intend it to. Kill the vibe! This is the last thing you want to do at any event where you crave for attention and hope to turn a few heads as you walk past them. Therefore, nailing the make-up is as equally important or more to finishing the overall look, as carrying the trendiest rose gold clutch. As they say, your face speaks a thousand words and you must invest the right amount of time and effort in making that great first impression. Read on to find out two cutting-edge make up hacks that every lady needs to try.

Long, Lush EyelashesGone are the days when fake lashes are considered tacky. They are indeed a great addition to achieve that flawless look. Eyes tend to do most of the talking, so why not make it fun and flirty with lavish false eyelashes that are used appropriately. I mean who would not love a pair of fluttery lashes! It is advisable to select a set of individual lashes over a full fringe, as it gives a more natural look.

Then, start off by curling your own lashes to make it easier to blend into the false ones. Use transparent eyelash glue and a pair of tweezers to dip the end of the lash in the adhesive and attach it carefully to the roots of your own lash line. Once the glue is dry, apply black mascara to blend it all in.

Bold Red LipsLuscious, red lips are the epitome of youthfulness. Pairing red lipstick with a little black dress and black evening bag is the go-to look any girl could consider when in doubt about what to wear. While there are several different shades you can choose from, make sure to get professional help from a make-up expert at the store to find the shade that suits you best.

Start off by applying some lip balm to moisturise your lips. You would definitely not want the finished look to have cracks when using a matte lipstick. After letting the balm sink in, use a lip brush to apply an even layer of lip colour. If using straight out of the lipstick, make sure you do not leave blobs in certain places. Finally, blot the lips with a tissue to remove any excess.