Precious Stones That Also Heal

If you are a believer in the healing properties o precious stones, this is for you. There are many stones that can be incorporated into pieces and are said to have various effects on the wearer. Whether or not this scientifically correct is open to debate. However, many who believe also say that they have personally experienced the positive effects from wearing certain types of stones. Here are some of the most popular choices of precious stones that are known to heal.


It is said that jade carries a lot of calming and serene energy which can really help the wearer to find self-acceptance and achieve a state of peace of mind. It has also said to be able to nurture the inner creativity in an individual and help them understand their dreams better. When it comes to physical healing, jade has been known to heal pain like cramps and also to detox or flush out toxins from the human body. They are very often used in diamond jewellery to enhance the actual appearance of the piece.


Native American sin the south west side of the US have been revering the turquoise stone as a healing power through the ages. They sincerely believe in this stone’s ability to help understand and interpret dreams, keep away anything that is malevolent and to also nurture and strengthen friendship and love. It has also been known to increase the wisdom in an individual and to give them more confidence in public. However, they are also used for much more commercial purposes such as in engagement rings and the likes or for bold and statement pieces. Visit for more custom made jewellery to choose from.

Lapis lazuli

If you feel that you have some kind of deep confusion or emotional blockage within you, this is the stone to go for. It is said that the clarifying energy of this stone can help you sort out any sort of block or conflict you have within yourself. It is also said to act as a bridge between the real and the celestial realms which means that it can reveal the beauty of the universe to those who really are in search of its magical energies.


Beautiful and expensive, the amethyst is known to have healing properties that are both physical as well as spiritual. The gemstone is said to give away a feeling of calm, balance and clarity for confusion and it can also soothe out anything that is negative or any stressful incident. On a physical level it has been known to calm and balance out hormone levels in the body and also to reinforce the immunity system of the wearer.