Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Thread Your Brows

During the past 2 years or so, the brow obsession took over millennials by storm. Keeping your brows in shape and on-fleek is now a priority, just like how lipsticks should be a staple in your daily get-up look. Due to this obsession, many products have been released to help girls and women alike achieve that most coveted sleek and on-fleek brows. Many YouTube tutorials are now all about filling and shaping your brows – even the perfect Instagram selfie includes defined and on-fleek brows. Many girls might think that getting those perfect brows only require an eyebrow pencil, stamp or brush. What most girls (and women) forget is that, the first step to getting great brows is to make sure that they are already shaped and trimmed well (even without make-up). And this is why you need to thread your brows regularly at a credible and affordable beauty salon Perth.

  • Threading helps you easily define your brows.
    Threading removes the excess hair from your brows and help it form back to its natural shape. Since your brows are already in its great shape, it will then be easy to fill it up and define it as desired. This saves you so much time, especially during the rush hour when you are in a hurry to work and school. Without threading, it will be more difficult to get your brows in good and equal shape – and that means more time for you to prep during the mornings. Aside from that, you will be wasting too much make-up product just to get your brows in shape.
  • Less susceptible to allergies and irritation.
    Unlike waxing and other procedures such as microblading and facials Perth WA, threading does not involve too much skin contact, for it only cuts out hairs and is non-invasive. Sure, you may feel a little itchiness and redness along the brows, but these can go away after an hour or so.
  • Trimmed brows even without make-up on.
    If you thread regularly and your natural brows don’t have sparse and patchy areas, you don’t have to fill up and define them if you are really in a hurry (or if you just want to go out without any makeup on). So that’s less effort and less expenses for your part.Threading is also the most affordable way to keep your brows in shape, compared to microblading or eyebrow tattooing. It could be a painful procedure, especially during the first time. Though over time, many believe that constant threading will make hair growth slower than usual.